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Key Success Factors

Navigate through uncertainty with

the support of strategic business and design consulting

Small service companies bring value to their clients. However, they often don’t have the time or resources to deal with their own evolution to succeed in an environment that’s constantly changing. Metis uses strategic business and design consulting to offer partners ways to plan for and build the future collaboratively.

Key Challenges

How design and business consulting address the key challenges in a smart and collaborative way.

Small company does NOT equal small challenges

A company with a few employees face the same problems as big companies with thousands of collaborators. The size of the company does not determine the size of the challenges.
Metis is tailored to the needs of small businesses.

Importance of relationships

More than ever, small companies have to take care of the relationships they build with their collaborators, employees, clients, and extended network.
Metis’ creative and analytical process engages the whole team to make sure everyone is happy onboard.

Limited resources

With a lot less resources than big companies, small companies cannot afford to waste their time and energy.
Metis helps companies use their limited resources in a smart and creative way.

Staying Agile

Small service companies must remain flexible to have the ability to change within an competitive environment.
Working with prototypes and iterations, Metis approaches projects with versatility and agility.

Cash is reality

Small businesses cannot afford to wait and see. Being profitable requires the regular maintenance of the organization structure and processes that go in to running a good ship. It’s hard to commit to a change, carry it out, and evaluate its effectiveness.
Metis accompanies small companies to commit, implement their change process, and check regularly on their performance.

Key Success Factors

Know your bearings

Use strategic audits to know where you are, and how you compare with your competitors.

Set a direction

Have a plan, and test the waters. Use insights to create strategies to differentiate from your competitors.

Team work

Focus on the needs of your clients and your collaborators to make sure everyone is in the same boat.

Row, row, row the boat

Navigate through uncertain waters by constantly making small steps and adjustments.

What We Can Do for You

How We Work

Design and facilitation of workshops

Engage the whole team by involving them in collaborative workshops.

Stakeholder Interview

Collect real-life insights by interviewing internal and external stakeholders.


Backup intuitions with information collected from research.


Continuously test and improve on prototypes in a group setting or independently.




Documents resulting from collaborative workshops or independent analysis.

Strategic audits (a snapshot of the current state of your company including internal, external analysis and recommendations) and business plans are examples of outcomes.


Branded and ready-to-use presentations to communicate better with your clients, team, and investors.

Style guides and sales decks are examples.

Websites and Apps

Live or prototype websites and apps to communicate and test your ideas.


Business Consulting

Business Strategy

Financial Analysis

Business Model Generation

Organizational Structure and Change Management

Design Consulting


Marketing and Communication

User Interface and User Experience

Service Design

How Long It Takes

Step 1

1 hr / FREE
Have a conversation about you and your challenges. Get some insights, no strings attached.
Book a session

Step 2
An Excursion

1 day
Invite Metis to your workplace to work on a mini-project.
The outcome of the session will be determined beforehand.
Request case studies

Step 2
An Expedition

3 days
Invite Metis to work on-site for a short challenge, to address a specific issue or to produce a prototype with your team.
Strategic audits, new business models, mini brand guides, mini websites, or sales decks are some examples of outcomes.
Request case studies

Step 3
Cruising Together

3 weeks + / Only available to select partners
If you and your company work well together with the Metis consultant, you can continue working together on an on-going basis.
What our partners say

Who is Metis

Ellen Zhao
Business and Design Strategist, Lead Consultant

Having spent each third of my life in China, USA, and France, I love living in a state of constant change and evolution.

With a broad knowledge of the different practices of design and business, leveraging both my creative and analytic skills, I help businesses and organizations plan and succeed their transformations.

What Partners Say

There are no clients, only partners

Our long term relationship has helped both companies grow. Ellen’s strategic analyses have provided fresh and very useful insights as MediaCombo’s business has evolved to meet new challenges. She has a well honed sense of how to communicate the identity mission of a company through design and she is genuinely committed to the success of her partners and clients.

Robin White Owen, Co-Founder, Creative Producer, MediaCombo

We engaged Metis research to help us develop a strategic gameplan for positioning our company in a competitive industry. Their insight and industry research helped us niche down our go to market strategy and prepared us for our first VC conversations. What I liked, in particular, was the constant back and forth, the point-on case studies they provided, and the quality of the questions they asked. I highly recommend them.

Abe Challah, Co-founder and VP Business Development,

I was amazed at how quickly and efficiently Metis gathered relevant and synthesized information about us and our industry. Their presentation helped getting some difficult messages through to the team.

Giuseppe Attoma, Senior Design Strategist, attoma

Metis helped us clarify our concepts and prototyped in a very short time. They also made great recommendations for additional services to add to our app.

Leila Bezaz, Co-Founder, Teamer


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